Last Indian Village

The Last Indian Village is all about people mingling and becoming one with the music, their cultures, and powerful experiences shared! It is a celebration of life and an idea created for people to lose themselves in the magic of music rather than the noise of the city.

The concept behind LIV – Last Indian Village is to build experience centric music festivals that not only focus on giving you the experience of a lifetime but also concentrates on delivering state-of-the-art production with visuals!


Aviram Saharai & Matan Kadosh

Joining us for the 1st time at the Last Indian Village Must Fest, is the one and only Vini Vici! Vini Vici is the combined music project of Aviram Saharai & Matan Kadosh, both well-known and experienced electronic music producers for over a decade. After the huge success of their premier EP ‘Divine Mode’ and their follow-up ‘Back Underground’, ‘Expender’, ‘Anything & Everything’, and ‘Veni Vidi Vici’ tracks, Vini Vici continued to produce massive hits while touring the world nonstop, and now they are all set for India!


More artists are en route!

There’s rarely a day that passes by without the hectic work life and atrocities of chennai city life. Why don’t we take a break and get out of the city to steam off!

Last-Indian-Village provides you the experience you await,

Outside the city – rave until you drop, just so you can rave again! Join us on 3rd Mar 2018

Our Vision at the Last Indian Village is to transform the very way you consume music at festivals, creating a revolution of our very own. If you’re one with the music, have a lot of culture and magical experiences to share.

Last Indian Village is the one Music Fest you just can’t afford to miss!

Make your way to the Last Indian Village on 3rd March 2018 and witness the Electronic Dance Movement you have been waiting for all your life with Vini Vici!


CLUB PASS : Bird’s eye view of the event till 10:00 pm | Purchase from a wide array of food & beverages
VIP PASS : Exclusive entry to the event till the drop (3:00 am) | Access to an exclusive indoor area after party | Purchase from a wide array of food & beverages
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SATURDAY, MAR 03 2018 - 3:00 PM IST